My hobbies and passions: Generally pretty nerdy stuff.

Project of the Week: Mini robot

I got my new 3D printer up and running recently. After some tuning, some improving, and some printing of backup parts (an ongoing process, I decided I was [...]

The 2013 Portland Mini MakerFaire

Last year (you may have read), I participated in the Portland Mini MakerFaire. It was great. I absolutely loved sharing and teaching people. This year, I [...]

It’s a Trap!

For the past few years, my brother and I have been pranking each other a bit when it comes to gifts. It took on a rather peculiar theme a couple of years ago [...]

Me at the Portland MakerFaire

This past Saturday (Sept 15) I got to participate in Portland's first annual MakerFaire. I've written about MakerFaires before, but this is the first one where [...]

2 Weekends, 2 MakerFaires, 2x the Fun!

"Maker" is a moniker I've espoused for the last several years. While you could probably define it as a lot of things, to me it attaches art to science and [...]

Back on the 3D-Printed Horse

Several months ago, I finally got my hands on a mostly-working 3d printer. A maker bot. After irritated months of tinkering, I had trouble getting it to print [...]

I’m in a Show

A couple of months ago, I decided to try out for a musical my church is putting on. I have been cast in the part of Charlie Davenport in "Annie Get Your Gun". [...]

Last Minute Halloween

I've always been very taken with Halloween setups. The orchestration, the excitement, and creativity all lead to a fun expression of the holiday. Halloween has [...]

My First Printed Plastic Part

I have been working at this for months. A couple of years ago, I found out about the RepRap project. The idea behind the reprap (if you haven't talked to me [...]

A Beginner’s guide to making an Arduino Shield PCB

(This tutorial has gotten really popular recently, and I'm very pleased that so many people are interested. I learned all of this stuff while working on my [...]