Christmas Eve Party!

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I am in my mid-thirties. In spite of this, Christmas brings out the 6-year-old in me, and I very often will wake up early on Christmas morning. We figured that if we could properly tire ourselves out, we would sleep a nice long winter’s nap, and wake up rested at a reasonable hour. The solution was simple: Throw a Christmas Eve party.

This year was our 6th year (that alone was surprising to me, I didn’t realize we’d been doing it that long.) Per usual, it was filled with a hectic day of preparations. We always like to have lots of food and entertainment available. I make Pao De Quijio, Brazilian Cheese Bread. Hykel Makes Cathedral fudge (a fudge with colored marshmallows in it, sliced into discs so they look like stained-glass windows) Chex Muddy Buddies were a special request this year from a friend’s daughter (as though we wouldn’t have made them anyway 🙂 ) along with the normal plates of veggies, crackers, cheeses, etc.

This year was the first year we dedicated a room to the Christmas specials. When we’d initially conceived of the party, I had thought that we could watch all the Christmas specials of yesteryear and my new favorites : A Charlie Brown Christmas, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Garfield’s Christmas, Prep & Landing, Prep & Landing 2, even Abed’s Unstoppable Christmas. It didn’t quite work out like that. Turns out people are more interested in socializing than watching cartoons. I don’t blame them. So this year, Hykel’s computer ended up serving as a second screen in another room. A number of the kids found quiet solace in Christmas specials, darting out to get more snacks.

One thing that didn’t manage to happen this year was pictures. Hykel usually pops her camera out a few times, but was enjoying herself so much that she forgot to get some pictures. Oops! Pictures are great, I’d rather be so wrapped up in the fun that we just have to rely on our memories.

It was a wonderful party again this year. To everyone who came, thanks for making our evening so memorable and fun. For everyone who couldn’t make it, sorry you couldn’t and hope you can next year. (and if you can’t, we love ya just the same!)

Because we don’t have any pictures, here’s a picture of our tree this year. The tree-topper, if you can’t tell is an X-Wing Fighter. Specifically, my original X-wing toy from when I was little. A few zip-ties got it strapped to the top.



Merry Christmas everyone.


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