Did you know you can have a genuinely private conversation on the internet? It takes a little work, but all good things do. The way you hold a real, honest-to-goodness private conversation online is to use encryption. Code your conversation in secret language that no one but you and the other person can read.

If you want to send me a private message, use my My GPG Public Key . If you encrypt your message with my public key, you can guarantee that I’m the only person who can read it. This isn’t a good place for teaching you how to use GPG or PGP. Google it, there are lots and lots of researchers who have written good tutorials. For a basic understanding of asymmetric key cryptography I strongly recommend reading the beginning of chapter 10 of Cory Doctorow’s “Little Brother” (PDF). It does a really good job of explaining the concept.

If you can’t find good answers, you can of course, email me.

The fingerprint is 5C18 DFCB D79A C127 FC7C 20B5 A24F C870 EA71 FD22.  If you don’t trust the download on this page for some reason, you can use the Keyserver Pool. You’re looking for Key ID EA71FD22, Or just search for my name. (This key is canonical as of August 14, 2013)

Have the key? Send me a secret message!