Committing to the Change

Since I learned there was such a thing as a content management system, I’ve tried more than once to move my website into one. The problem I’ve universally run into was that, fundementally, I really like the idea of home-rolling my own website. I like creating the structure of the system. I think my favorite part about it all is that I know every part of the site inside and out. I wrote it, I know the code forwards and backwards. To get that with a CMS, even a simple one, requires several hours at the very least of rather intense code reading. This is especially true as CMS’ tend to be very complex packages, split among hundreds of files.

Anyway, I was looking at trying to integrate wordpress into the rest of my website, and it started to look like Word Press would do a better job managing my website than I probably would. So I’m sitting here debating in my mind the positives and negatives of just using WP to do the heavy lifting for me.

I think I’ve decided that Word Press is the right tool, and this site may very well make the transformation over the next week to reflect that. I suspect that before long I’ll get into the code to make things work the way I want, but I’m still figuring out what way that is.

What’s your experience with your personal site? Custom built? CMS? Somewhere in between?