I’ve been working up to this for several weeks now. I decided recently that I wanted my website to be more than just a landing page for people interested in hiring me. I wanted to supply the world with information, help people out, be interesting, have a following, and all that stuff that most people like me figured out a few years ago.

I’ve tried on a few occasions to make my website a blog, or at least more interactive, but I found I was posting a little too personally in my other blog, and It never seemed to mesh just right. Back in August or so I revamped my website down to a few pages. Really, just a portfolio of my work, and some related documents. I did this at the time so I would have a strong landing point for potential employers. I was moving out of state (from Utah to Oregon) and I needed something to point people to. Something real.

Now I have plenty of work, and I’ve found myself with an itch to be more engaged in the technologies that link the internet community together. A lot of this I think is born out of the want to use the technologies rather than just build them. I’ve done a lot of work for various companies and people, but I don’t use them very often. I’m ready for the next step. So I’m going to start blogging regularly with the technologies that I’m working with and investigating. The projects I’m working on, and things I’m trying to do.