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My Favorite Christmas Specials

I love Christmas. I love it. I wouldn't pin it on the notion of getting a bunch of free stuff though. That is exciting, but the season and the build up are far [...]


Even though this blog is at, I tend not to make it very personal. It's mostly because I don't really want to expose most of my personal life [...]

Blurring the Lines in Digital Content Shifting

I ran into a dilemma today that I never expected to run into and it has to do with fairness when it comes to digital property. I'm an advocate of [...]

But *my* phone already does that…

Today was the iPhone OS 4 announcement/meeting/thing - Basically a press conference for Apple to tell the world how awesome they are. This is not an uncommon [...]

SparkFun Free Day Fallout.

Well, I tried, and everybody I know tried. None of us made it. It's unfortunate, but I don't think any of us are going to die. If you haven't heard about [...]

Being a lousy advocate: Me and DRM

DRM, You've probably heard of it. Digital Rights Management. Bane of legitimate users, irritant of illigitimate users, hopeful tool of content owners. By those [...]

The iPhone Dilemma

You know I'm an Apple nerd. No one who builds a Hackintosh and sticks it in a G4 cube should be considered anything less than such. Naturally you'll be able to [...]

The Second Coming of the Electric Car

I've had a love affair with the Electric Vehicle (EV) for a few years now. I wish I could say I found it on my own, but I really only got into after watching [...]

Waiting for the E-Reader war to heat up…

If you would have asked me about e-readers a year ago, I would have told you that I knew Sony made one, the Kindle was pretty awesome, and there were a bunch [...]

Google Chrome is a good idea, but there’s a coming problem.

With the recent announcement of Google's Chrome OS, I think the dreams of many of us are beginning to show signs of reality. Those dreams have to do with [...]