Nissan LEAF Colors

Nissan LEAFThere’s been a lot of wondering I think, about whether or not the Nissan LEAF EV was going to offered in anything other than that blueish color they’ve been parading around. Well, today the LEAF reservation email came today and one of the steps they offered was to choose your reservation color. Since the question has been sitting on a lot of peoples’ minds (including my own) I answer with a triumphant “Yes!”.

The website does note that these colors are representative only, which is pretty reasonable. If you have your monitor colors messed up, and the red comes out looking orange, they don’t want you to complain.

Anyway, without further delay here they are:



White Nissan LeafWhite

Red Nissan LeafRed

So there you have it. The LEAF is coming in different colors. These 4 are in addition to the blue we’ve all seen and thought “Oh, I hope I can get it in some other color.” Our reservation is in. We chose Black. (It bears noting that my wife, Hykel, preferred red)

    • If I were to take a wild guess, I think it would be that focus groups liked the five colors presented. Yellow and Orange tend to be ‘wild’ colors for cars. I think what I’d like to know is, why is there no green? Is that the oversight of the year or what? The Leaf as it is is a bit of a risk for Nissan. I think it’ll pay off, and it may not be long before we see a Yellow or Orange one.

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