Y’know, that one song… from the 50’s?

So last night I was looking for a song that I’ve heard a million times, but have never known the name of. It’s an instrumental, and I’m pretty confident that you’ve heard it too. I would describe it as a sort of peppy, upbeat, 50’s ad spot background theme. Lots of sticatto plucking of strings. After several unsuccessful attempts, my wife offered a trade. She would look for my song if I would go find the paintbrushes she was looking. Surprisingly, it worked! She found an album containing the song and I found the paintbrushes.

The song was written by a man named Laurie Johnson. He is a British composer and the song is called “Happy Go Lively”. It’s owned an licensed by a company called Associated Production Music. Production Music, is a term given to music that’s essentially made for the sole purpose of licensing it out for productions (movies, television, etc)

Considering how well-known and familar, but unidentifyable this song is, I thought I’d post it to a page and stick as much google-glue as I could on it. If you found this page through a search engine after having some difficulty, give me your search terms and I’ll put them in the keywords, so people like us don’t need to struggle to find this delightful little song.

Here’s a little clip: