Well now what? (My new laptop)

We have a handful of computers in our house. My Desktop, my wife's Desktop, our media/backup server, and a netbook. The netbook's job was relatively simple. It [...]

But *my* phone already does that…

Today was the iPhone OS 4 announcement/meeting/thing - Basically a press conference for Apple to tell the world how awesome they are. This is not an uncommon [...]

WWDC Keynote reflections

First off: No, I was not actually present at the keynote this morning. I was watching updates flow in through the news feed while at work. I wish I had been [...]

Gadget FlashBack: The Apple Newton MessagePad

What can possibly more be said about the Newton, that hasn't been said already? I'm not really sure, but something drove me to own one... actually, I owned a [...]